Riverside Cemetery, Farmington

About 3 years ago I’d done some ghost work at a nearby cemetery but it had started raining, so I saved this for another day. Today was that day, I’d posted it on S.H.O.N.E and mentioned the intention was to interact with Native American ghosts. I got there early as usual, to scout it out, walking the edges of the cemetery, and yes, going down a path that said ‘do not enter’. I found an area clear of current gravestones, this place is an active, in use cemetery, and here was a sensation of heaviness, and it felt of Native American origin. Choosing not to work on it, as that was the point of today’s trip, for the ghost workers and members of the public to experience, I continued around the cemetery to return to my car and await people.

No-one came. I’d texted with Marian who’d said she couldn’t be here, and sent her a picture of where I was going, in case it took awhile to find my body.

I returned to the area close to the river and opened up to the feelings there, sort of channeling, here’s the notes I wrote. “Felt sadness walking down the access road. Tapped into it more, sad the White Man taking over, sad the White Man not caring or interested in the Native American history and traditions. We will be forgotten, as if we never existed. Our values will not be passed on. Our younger ones suffer and we can’t protect them. Our land will survive, with strangers on it. They are young, impetuous. Maybe in time they will grow wise. We. Are a tribe. We know each other’s issues, strengths and weaknesses. Dissent is normal and is talked out. Or fought out.”

Crystal arrived, I hadn’t heard her text to me, she had found me, had seen my car, knew I was here, somewhere, but not in the main area. So nice to see her.

A Native American Chief arrived, “These are my people” he said, but waiting for me to do something so that his people could see him! I overlapped my energies with them all. Felt brittle, stuck. How could I induce flow, soften this, soften their attitudes?

Crystal interrupted me, talking of recording this instead of writing it down on paper, and the phone app would transcribe it into text, much easier. Then of podcasts, another app, releasing voice separately from text. Another step in my not being a dinosaur. I softened, becoming less brittle, less stuck, and this flowed to the Native Americans linked to me, they softened, and the Chief could talk with them. He would see to it that they all moved on, I left him to it.

Time to check on the other cemetery nearby.