Remote energy work, animated energy

I got a call from a friend having troubles, I’d dealt with some issues before, an ex-boyfriend with family roots in magic had paid for attacks on her.

This was different, initially. She sent me pictures of herself on a beach in a bikini. Guy issues, took a while to get to her face, saw some darkness, sort of a face, probably not human but not animal.

After doing my new normal boosted shielding, I pulled it off her, englobed it, it happened to be inside a bubble of water which I don’t usually do, so that was odd. I told her to put up her shields and I’d be back. It also was not resisting and seemed calm. Where to take it? I went up and tuning into its energy found a shiny multi-mirrored place. Coming out of the bubble / englobed area, I TOOK A DEEP BREATH. I had englobed myself! This was apparently some sort of mirror / reflective animated energy. I watched the multi-mirrored surface ripple as the entity joined its bigger self / version. No harm done.

It got me thinking, was it reflecting me when I energetically approached? She too had seen darkness, maybe we’re alike? I think my soul is dark green colored, maybe I could make it less intimidating?

I returned to my friend, but her shields were in place, and well-done, I couldn’t get passed them. We both did Queen Nefertiti’s Headdress to clear out attachments and were able to join.

Checking back with my friend, she reported being attacked earlier this week, it had all the markings of the same attacker. I timelined, found a ball of red something, maybe magic, around her head, so I inserted myself around her, merging so that when the attack occurred I could shield her, due to dimensional / time constraints I can only remove it now, which I did, englobed it and took it to the center of the Earth where they are able to process it.

I did not return the attack, feeling this would only escalate things, I’d hit the spell-caster before, but she was back, so let her think it worked, or failed, but not give her any clues as to what happened. My friend naturally wants this to end, by having me go head-to-head with the witch. Based on her behavior, this witch takes things personally and her status depends on winning.

I’ve been told by a higher spirit to never drain someone so completely that their soul is diminished.

Next time we meet, we train.