Return to South Windsor

Refer back to Anomalies in South Windsor on 10/25/23 for background. We spent two hours there and knew there was more to do, so I went back, solo this time. More electrical stuff had happened then slowed down. The client had some issues with shoes, feeling restricted in movement, she reiki’ed one of them but the other was too intense. Still some stuff in the basement and her mother’s room, plus that sword! This time I had a new battery for the ultrasonic detector.

Mom’s bedroom: Mom is still with us so no details. A strong energy field emitted by her, suppressed anyone entering, so I removed it. This was her daughter’s house, not hers. The client confirmed my more detailed commentary of mom’s personality. Also present and which we had not noticed last time, was that of a male energy, not a ghost, standing inside the head end of the bed, likely to be created by the previous owners, the bed being in a different position. This stuck male energy had three components. Standing resolute – nothing was going to move him. Under that a flat stoic value – nothing would change him (that took more effort to soften than the rest) and under that – he would endure. All of that gone now.

The sword was nearby, I used the ultrasonic converter and it rang with sound! There was NO current in it! Holding it and the converter, the sound went away! I let the client hear it while I held the sword. There’s something wrong about a Venus Sword. It had been given to the client by a previous boyfriend. Mixed messages? I got in touch with Venus via my connection and later to the Deity, both thought little of the item, would certainly NOT use it to fight, and went into more feminine commentary! I’m thinking about telling Crystal, she might use it on her Barefoot Paranormal show.

I checked out the rest of the electronics, nothing too abnormal there.

In the basement, the shoe. A lot going on with it, lots of “thoughts” attached to it, all relating to not letting it age, keeping it as beautiful as the day it was bought, so no walking in it etc. I removed the remaining connection to the other shoe that reiki had not completely removed. This was animated energy created by a young girl, which was originally just about not growing older, but had moved away, it happened to be in a shoe shop when the client saw the shoes and her energetic joy lined up into the animated energy and the energy moved in, trying to keep the shoes young while drawing on the client’s energy for food. I took it up, and a Higher Spirit took it and tossed it around, much to the joy of this young animated energy, like a little girl would get from being tossed into the air by an adult.

Whatever had been present higher up in the basement had gone, and I was getting tired so I didn’t chase it. Upstairs I took away the stuck energies from two adjacent apartments, both related to problems within the relations between spouses in both cases, new single owners had since moved in to both apartments. I also worked to remove the ideas that drew drug dealers to park outside, ten ideas I hoped was enough, sorry to push them off to another area but I didn’t have any better ideas.