More going on in South Windsor

Across the road from the recent work in South Windsor, Brenda set this one up, the client only wanted one person during the day when the kids were at school, so that excluded most of the ghost-workers. The property included a large acreage, a barn and a house. Husband and wife came out to meet us, so I worked the barn first. A lot of stuck energy, somewhat stressful nature throughout the barn, once I reduced that I found more specific stuck energies in one corner, two were from children playing, not hiding, for behind them was stuck energy of a smaller child hiding. Plus two animal energies. I was told there had been three animals kept in the barn. All transmuted, gone.

Basement next. Liked this one, large, clean with nooks. I like spider-webs and dust too, by the way. In one corner a borderline animated energy, not fully self-aware yet, and took him up to join more like him. One newer area I felt that a Native American had been buried there, no issues. We were already 4 foot down from ground level, I wonder if they dug that deep; the owner hadn’t found bones when digging. I did look for a book once on Native American burial practices but couldn’t find one, read that each tribe had different methods. The whole area felt full of Native American energies, all happy, no ghosts.

The main reason I’d been called in was a worsening impact on their son, He’d talked on camera about something trying to make him do bad things and more. I knew going in that there might be a connection into him needing me to return. In his bedroom I opened up to whatever was there, and ‘something’ noticed me, slowly engulfing me, attacking at the head level only. This sort of attack comes from alien entities who never incorporated into a body. I englobed him, found where he had come from and took him there, releasing him, temporarily covering myself in a globe until I was sure he’d left. He had to get here via a portal, and that was inside a closet, which had been blocked off by stuff, the room was well filled. So I energetically reached in, found it, noticing it was not in regular use, maybe only used once, it felt ‘brand new’. I checked to see it went off-planet, then closed it down. If I don’t hear from the family in a week I’ll check in to see if the child had been free of influence. By the way, he had reported this thing attacking for years! I was impressed he was still fighting it off.

The rest of the house felt good. The large field out back was full of happy Native American energies, no ghosts, so I left it as is. November 29, 2023 (WordPress/GoDaddy dropped the website)