Things disappearing, the dog stares into a room

Priscilla and I head out to East Haddam CT, seems like it will be a routine and easy job. The client has a friend with her, plus two grown up kids, and two dogs, one friendly, the other hiding. I’d given Priscilla the little information I had on the way there.

For a change here’s Priscilla’s comments on tonight’s work, italicized to identify her contributions. Energy work is always interesting, some events are felt stronger than others. For me the work Paul and I were called to do Saturday night was one of the stronger experiences I’ve encountered since becoming an active energy worker.  Personally, I never know what to expect upon entry.  Is it a human energy, or earthly? Is it malevolent or lost ? Is it playful or deceitful? Sometimes it is hard to decipher at first feel.

Introductions made, we head to the first room, it had been on the outside of the original house, a previous owner had made an addition. And Priscilla started to lead, jumped in, took over. Driven almost, so I watched, maybe something was acting through her, nothing malevolent sensed, there was something here, and she said it was coming from below. I felt something too, but it was slow to respond, almost as if waking up. So we headed to the basement, looked at the crawl space underneath that room, we could feel it, didn’t know yet what it was. Some sort of Earth energy, maybe. Friendly, yes. We returned upstairs, we’d work with it there, less dust and cobwebs.

As I walk into our clients home in East Haddam, In the newest room, built in the late 60″s I immediately felt an energy emanating from below.  My first sense wasn’t clearly identifiable. There was a sense of uneasiness.  I did feel as if there was something in the soil that was the result of death.  But it didn’t make me feel fearful.  I was uncomfortable and I couldn’t understand why.  I did not voice what I was feeling because it wasn’t clear to me and I did not want to lead our work in an unnecessary direction. As we moved into the basement and I held my hands out into the crawlspace, that uneasiness cleared and gave way to a sense of warmth , love and family.  I had images of an early settler-type family gathering for dinner, anxiously awaiting the bread baking in an old stone oven.  It was an overwhelming feeling of comfort, love and safety.  It was a strong feeling of peace. 

Separately we tuned in, but not getting more than a ‘feel’.  Down the Time-line time, I’d taught Priscilla how to do that internally, quick lesson to do it ‘attached’ to something, even if it was an  energy and off we went. I slid back, feeling it become younger, past the house building, back until I heard chanting, an Indian calling out, sliding backwards until just the chanting and sounds of one person’s feet dancing and the creation or calling up something. Intending something good for his tribe, he limited it by wanting to be the carrier of the benefits, it would have connected to all, but had to go through one, he’d called it up hidden in the woods, away from the tribe, he didn’t visit often, eventually died, and the energy slept. A good energy, giving, supportive. We let it be.

We moved upstairs into one of the bedrooms where, sounds of a child playing with marbles made it an uncomfortable room to sleep in. this is where I sensed a young girls energy, who identified herself as “Caroline”. Paul talked with her, as she was resistant to leave this place that she had felt so much comfort.  I will let him explain his experience with her energy. Oops, don’t remember much about that. Yes, there were two instances of marbles, keep reading.

Upstairs Priscilla made contact with a ghost, moved it on. Off to the side of the room, the client pointed to a door, told us a room was behind it, they never went in it, and was blocked off by her son’s musical devices. We needed to get in, the son moved his stuff, pried open the door, sealed shut by paint. Inside a signed poster by the three astronauts who landed on the Moon! Cobwebs, a child’s rocking horse held up by springs, old magazines. The son got a vacuum cleaner and removed the nearby webs and we looked in. Something was there, a stuck energy, with many layers of unpleasant emotions. Took me many trips, gathering and transforming, removing what remained, taking it outside to ground before it was clear. It existed because of the goodness below, anything ‘negative’ retreated to this hiding place and over the years accumulated.

There was also an unused, almost hidden closet-type area.  This space seemed to be the holding area of all the negative energy that had been pushed out of the peaceful space over the years. Paul and I worked as a team to clear this space.  I did rely heavily on Paul  to carry and remove most of the energy from here. He has years more experience and he is a skilled teacher. Can you feel me blushing? thank you Priscilla.

One bedroom there was something in the bed, a neutral energy, something that both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ rejected, it would influence the daughter as she slept, removed that too.

Time for tea, all this energy work is tiring, green tea with honey would hit the spot. Waiting for the tea to cool, the son talked about someone who hung herself at college, she’d kept marbles, they could hear marbles rolling and knew she was present. What a weird thing to say in conversation, forgetting it was appropriate to tell a ghost worker visiting your house. Wierder, I could feel her, a tightness around my throat, by thinking of her he’d reconnected with her, and she’d raced along the connection to find someone who’d listen, me. I felt her distress, my mind racing, filling up with loud  thoughts, no-one understanding, she was losing her marbles, still suffering now. I tried but couldn’t transform all this head stuff, my mind filling up too. I felt a guide beside me, “Take her up!” I was told, accompanied by the guide, worried for me. On arrival up there, met her Mom, also worried, “There’s a room for her, go”, the guide urged me and we were there, “Put her in”, the room was bare, I looked to Mom who nodded, still worried for her daughter. The ghost entered and the door shut, we could see in, the room filling with black streaks, all those thoughts able to leave at last. Horrible but necessary, she could get them out of her head, eventually she’d be free of them. Nothing for me to do, she was in loving hands. I needed that tea.

There seemed to be a playful sibling energy that felt much younger, felt to me like a 3 or 4 year old, who was afraid to be left behind.  As we were clearing the trapped energy, there was a playful attempt to get our attention.  This sibling would cause a hand towel to fall off the rack repeatedly.  I recognized this child and helped bring him to the rest of his family.  I did need to call on them for their help to guide him to their family’s gathering space above.

Maybe Priscilla had removed the one responsible for the missing things, it had been a child ghost, but I had to be sure. Lowering my barriers further and touching the site of recent activity – towels that would not stay in place, I felt something, it was still here, and seeking it out, went downstairs to stand in front of the piano. But that wasn’t it. I was still in connection with it, it would respond when all the other work done.

There was more negative energy removed that was residual from a living person that moved out (the ex).  Again with this I relied on Paul to remove most of this.  The energy was masculine and very heavy and fatigued me almost instantly.

The client’s room, the bed was new, but energy from the divorce remained, both Priscilla and I picked up stuff about the ex, the client concurred, good to know we got that right, and that energy was removed.

Back to the one responsible for the missing things. A better connection now, it was Coyote, he’d known about the Indian calling on the gods, and saw an opportunity, came down too. His intent, to make people think, be smarter, by challenging them, giving them problems. Now that he was known, he would expect the client to tackle problems, if she slacked off he’d return to hide things once more.

During our session, we were told that the site had once been used as a slaughter house for the people who lived there.  I imagine that this was what I had initially felt.  That layer of energy was thin and easily cleared, as it was a necessary means of survival and it was a more recent history of the property.

All done, we were treated to dinner, and the hiding dog came out, we were told that never happens. The client and her friend said they’d felt changes as we did our work and the place felt lighter. Three hours well spent.

One of the family’s dogs would not roam the house freely before our visit.  It was confirming to me, that by the time we were preparing to leave this very dog was running through the all of the rooms, tail wagging happily.


Priscilla in the ‘outside’ room

Basement under ‘outside’ room.

I checked in with the client to see how we did and got the message:

I am gone but have been told that Emma continues to wander throughout the house 🙂


So I queried who was Emma?, was this the name of a ghost we’d moved on?

Hahaha! No, Emma is the shy dog, not a ghost. You and Priscilla did an excellent job!

It always felt like someone was here when you came home, even if you were alone. Now it really feels empty.

My son has noted that he can now identify every sound in the house and doesn’t feel like he’s being watched anymore.  We all agree that there are no more unidentifiable sounds – we were so used to them that their absence is noticeable.

It’s very nice around here!