What is “up there”?

I write about ‘up there’ as a way of talking about Heaven. Except Heaven is too small of a place, reserved for those expecting a ‘gated community’. It’s ALL ‘up there’. I’ve learned this when American Indians didn’t want to go to Heaven, they wanted ‘The Happy Hunting Grounds’. So, guided, I took them there, on arrival at the edge, looking at it and thinking it well described, the ghosts left me to enter, recognizing it in some way.

I learned this when Ascending with someone, who in this life is involved with the Church, and we arrived inside some chilly, grey building. Someone quickly arrived to meet us, He went straight to me and said “You’re not supposed to be here”, and I felt myself pushed out. I opened my eyes and saw that the person I’d taken ‘up there’ was still there, standing eyes closed, apparently belonging, I guessed their energy had directed us to that place. Down here, waiting for the person to come back, I guessed the place we’d gone to was reserved for those who had betrayed in a previous life, and from there could be allowed back here, with more supervision, to try again, needing to atone. I didn’t ask.

I learned this with all the different forms of animated energy who also have a home up there, each little form welcomed into the whole. The funniest was something that was almost all mouth, watching the smaller trying to assimilate into the larger.

I learned this with all the damaged souls, who each had a reserved room awaiting them, to stay and heal, recover from their time on Earth, until they were ready to reconnect with everyone. Well looked after, each content to stay in place until their issues gone. I’d check on some of them, find signs of progress each time, none ready or wanting to leave until ready, glad for the trust in them.

Going ‘up there’ is like rising through clouds, black down here, becoming lighter until finally clearing away, I’m on the edge, it’s still hazy, usually there’s someone waiting, if not, they arrive soon after. If I’m bringing a ghost with me then their guides are there and take over, just the tiniest of gesture, the briefest word, truly meant, is all that is given to me, and it is plenty. I’ve gone higher, further into ‘up there’ it gets brighter, any entities nearby notice but don’t intervene, but I notice more how less bright I am, the unprocessed issues still present, so I don’t stay.

On one meditation, connecting with an Ascended Master, He wrapped me in energy and brought me to Him, and it was by far the furthest I’d gone into ‘up there’, the light far beyond my capabilities in this form, revealing once again the ‘up there’ is so much vaster than can be imagined.

It’s a wonderful place ‘ up there’ but I’ve things to do here, stuff to learn, my purpose is here. I feel glad to have visited, but it’s not my time to stay and I find I want to be back, wanting to try to make a difference down here.