Three places in Old Saybrook

So the weather wasn’t the greatest, but Priscilla has the week off and this sounded like a perfect get-away, yeah, doing ghost work LOL. The first location we reached was a distressed house on a large piece of land, none of it well-maintained. Known as the Old Bishop House, It was used in the 1971 horror film “Let’s Scare Jessica to Death.”  I’d been there before because I’d heard the place was involved with the underground railroad, there was one female ghost that came out to me and I’d moved her on. This time I wasn’t feeling much and ended up calling out to any ghosts to come to me, which they did. The question came, how to heal them when the injured part is their feelings. It’s not one of the colors we use. So I swapped over to chakras, the heart chakra color is green, so I worked it that way, changing the intent. They were less hurt when I carried them up. But. No-one was up there to meet us. Of course some of them asked if this was really Heaven. Only when one of them stepped into Heaven did crowds of well-wishers show up! I got the message that the issue with my left hand / having some ghost inside me still was hiding me from Heaven (though I can still reach and contact them when I try). The buildings were in a bad state so there was no way we were going inside. Priscilla felt a lot of energy when she stood under the porch, brave girl. A great article on the history of this place is at:

We went looking for Mill Rock, a place reputed to have some witch activities, guessing it was on Mill Rock Road. We found Mill Rock Road West, never found any East, and on that road found a trail which had a rock on it, a nice walk, we felt Native American energies around us, no stresses, and that we were welcomed, maybe from our recent activity on Hockomock Swamp in the Bridgewater Triangle. Nothing needed doing there, so on to a much bigger rock, unmarked on the side of the road, with spaces for one or more people to sleep and maybe live, while staying out of any rain. Again, nothing needed doing, no awareness of witch activity, alive or not. Read this relevant article:

On to Hammonasset Beach, to seek out a ghost of a woman murdered there Linda Rayner. Read: or a friendlier site that doesn’t ask you to subscribe: Priscilla had done the research and we headed for a rocky area and felt the energies there, Priscilla ahead of me dealing with deeper emotions, both finding stuff to work on.

After doing all this work we were hungry, so we ate at Lenny & Joe’s, a well-known and liked seafood restaurant, delicious. Then back to Middletown for my usual coffee at Klekolo.