Sandy Hook, two cemeteries and the School

I was hoping there would be no ghosts at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, but I needed to go anyway, a co-worker had been one of the first responders, and he wouldn’t talk about it, ever. Marian got there first and already stopped by the first cemetery and found out some of the children had been buried at another cemetery. We rendezvoused at Sandy Hook Cemetery, Michelle and I completed the team. A small cemetery, open from 1813 to 1942. Ran the healing colors then Michael’s technique to start things while Michelle found a corner with extra sadness and started on reducing the feelings, then called me in, there was a lot of sadness. The primary emotion throughout this cemetery was sadness so there was a lot of work to do. All of us were feeling it. Going around the edges I found one little headstone, an infant below, a Higher Spirit took the child off me as soon as I gathered it up. I recommended using “Holding Stillness” to deal with a group of ghosts that were unwilling to move on. I was more pushy than usual which got some reaction and laughs from Michelle and Marian, but we got results, leaving those remaining in the care of their Guides. Next up, a male ghost that wouldn’t work with women. So I worked with him, more laughs, figured out he’d died abruptly while still fit and healthy, and considered weakness as unmanly, pity you didn’t experience old age my comment, When finally broke through all his macho bluster found a lot of sadness bottled up. He moved on up with a male friend Higher Spirit. Marian found a young girl and called on me to work with her, She was waiting for her guy (he’d already moved on up) and was sad and worried he had forgotten her. I had to remove her sadness before they rejoined, and I left them to it, they were like teenagers. He’d ensure they both ascended. Finally worked with Marian to move the rest up, asked her to hold hands with those remaining and talk them up, but … She used her technique instead, a truly amazing one, she opened up Heaven right here, overlapping us, and each ghost had a Guide and could already experience moving on.

Next, the school. We tried to figure out where the original building had been and settled on a section of the parking lot where we felt intense emotions. A lot to work on, Michelle had already made contact with the shooter, and worked with him, he told her there was more to tell about why he did it. We didn’t remove it all, only able to reduce the trauma embedded there. Michelle and Marian moved on three ghosts, all children.

We drove past the nearby Memorial and turned around to visit it. A very nice place. No ghosts, though a lot of sadness, from the people visiting it. I left the energies intact.

St Rose Cemetery was next, the nicest of cemeteries, the least troubled of all we’ve been to, the place well looked after and visited. Not much to do here. I felt directed to wander the edges and that’s why I found a stone to commemorate the residents of Fairfield Hills (psych hospital) buried throughout (and not marked?). This needed a new TLC method; Heaven would know what was needed. I pulled down Heaven’s Love towards each of those buried and watched lines of glowing light reach down and souls moved on up.

We dined at the Blue Colony Diner at the exit / entrance ramp to Rte. 84, I’ve been there many times, and the food was good.

Here’s Michelle’s report: Today’s adventure was with Paul, Marian and Michelle. Our intention was to help heal the energy left behind from December 14, 2012. First stop was Sandy Hook cemetery, down the street from the school. This is an old and neglected place that had many a ghost from a century ago or more. In particular, there was a group of ghosts in the back that was resistant, as they seemed to be perfectly ok with being there. Much healing energy was utilized by the group, and Michael’s technique, used twice, did help. However, some were left to work further with their guides. A younger man that Marian found had to be reasoned with by Paul (he didn’t want to talk to women), as he was angry his life was cut short. Michelle found a baby that needed moving on.

While at this cemetery, Michelle felt the presence of the shooter from 2012 approach her. He was full of emotions and regret, and wanted others to know his story of his mental illness in the future. Michelle helped bring him to a place of healing before reaching the light.

The group then went to the school parking area. All of us felt the energy of the terrible tragedy. Paul first worked with the traumas within the school then concentrated on the energy left behind from the first responders. Marian felt a little girl’s presence, and Michelle felt a little boy (and the little girl Marian found) and both were moved on. The team also spent time healing the land as best we could. However, it felt incomplete to us. There is a need in the future for other healers to come and do this again.

The team then visited the memorial to pay their respects, which was very beautiful. Then onto St Rose’s cemetery, which has more present day graves. Paul found a section that was dedicated to Fairfield hospital psychiatric patients, and did a general healing of their souls. Michelle found many wonderful creative tributes. The cemetery itself had a beautiful energy, and did not need healing beyond that. The peace pole that is pictured was given to Sandy Hook after the tragedy from a school in Nebraska.

The team then concluded their day with a stop at a local diner. December 17, 2023 (WordPress/GoDaddy dropped the website)