Murdered in Madison

Roslyn, one of the newest ghost-workers called me to say that a ghost had visited her while she was doing her dog-walking job for a client in Madison. She does a lot more, as a Pet Communicator FYI. This ghost lived nearby. Knowing this was a spirit entity but not knowing why it should visit her there, and never showing up at previous times, she asked the client, who mentioned the nearby murder years ago. Roslyn googled the information and found details, and an address. She didn’t feel competent to move this ghost on, on her own (normal for new ghost-workers) so she asked me to join her on this one.

No parking on the street (posted) and no place to park, so I parked anyway and sat on the hood (maybe the car had died and I was waiting for a tow?) and we did our work, both picking up on her suffering. She was slow to connect with me, for which I wasn’t surprised, presuming the ghost had other previous issues with guys. Bringing down Heaven’s Light, then Love helped to speed up a connection. We both picked up details on how she had been murdered, our heads both hurt. I picked up on her feelings first, multiple layers, We didn’t get through them all … cars driving by and around, joggers, people walking, one did ask if the car needed a fix) but enough that she was willing to go up, we held hands and I took her up, a good crowd of higher spirits awaited her, and joined her when she stepped into Heaven.

I left her to it, and on the drive home got a thank you message from one of the higher spirits. We stopped at a local coffee shop, R.J. Julia’s bookstore, for coffee and cake, life is good. Roslyn felt more comfortable with the work, nobody could do this without hands-on practice, which is why I aim for doing 10 calls minimum. December 15, 2023 (WordPress/GoDaddy dropped the website)