South Windsor, meet the kids and work with the Native American ghosts there.

I’d gotten word that the son hadn’t been bothered since my first work there, but there was more to do.

I rendezvoused there with Brenda and met the entire family. Both kids were sensitive to ghosts and such and were very helpful in finding them. The family wanted the Native Americans gone. It was their land so they didn’t want to move. I asked a chief to get involved but that led to more talking and no action. Basic rule: any ghost will improve their existence by moving on up. Proving that … not so easy. I asked for a ‘bigger’ Chief to get involved and told him they needed to come back, alive, so they’d have to go up to The Happy Hunting Grounds first. The second Chief got results and I felt them moving up, some still hiding, but the Chief  oversaw getting them all up. Marvelous questions and comments by both kids.

Checking energetic fields, Mom first, no attachments, some stress at the Throat Chakra and Spiritual Aura which I went into details with her. The daughter was energetically clear, the son’s auras were all vibrating and intermingled (I had this once before in Middletown for a boy – it was a good thing because nothing could get through the altered auras). I had him do the Queen Nefertiti’s Headdress technique while assisting in the process; his auras were all squeaky clean after that.

The daughter had a Brownie protecting her, she said there were other invisible friends but I didn’t need to deal with them because the Brownie was her protector. He would leave only when all the attacking entities were gone.

There was some stuck energies in the bedrooms, and one animated energy that scratched, it had cut the mother twice and I’d found it by timelining down her energy field. Took it up, felt like being inside a windy wood with briars everywhere trying to scratch me, it needed / wanted attention and this is how it would get it.

I explained the nature of how entities attack to the family, mom wanted more protection, but that would involve teaching multiple techniques each requiring practice, so left them with the instructions to avoid strangers asking for favors.

Ghost work for me is routine. The creepiest feeling was getting stared at by the grandfather. December 13, 2023 (WordPress/GoDaddy dropped the website)